The main aim of the project is to nurture the children, who are orphan, semi-orphan, destitute and needy for their Holistic Development. The organization believes that education is the key to unlocking the potential of children and for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Hence over 50% of our resources go towards education. A large number of our funded projects are imparting education in different ways, each responding to a specific need in their respective communities.

1. The School for Pardhi Children:

Residential school for Children of Paradhi Community is another milestone where students from Pardhi community getting education free of cost. Some students were the first generation seeking education in this community.

With all the modern facilities at Khandavi in Barshi, dist. Solapur (M.S.) where at present 50 children are studying. The School is affiliated with Maharashtra Government under the Self Finance. The project is aimed at developing an integrated effort to empower the Pardhi children educationally, socially, culturally and economically, reduce their vulnerability to systemic discrimination. The project ultimately aims to introduce participatory models of education and development for tribal communities that would empower them to direct their own needs, and lead to over-all national development.

The objective of School:

To impart education to students in the fullest sense, beyond mere academic excellence, to empower every student and enhance his/her personal development - by providing real life scenarios, work projects, community service, event organization, entertainment programmes, adventurism, environmental expeditions, and activities that contribute towards building character. It is necessary for a youth to experience events which reveal his abilities, his true character, his inner worth, the edge of his temper, the fire of his ambitions, the quality of his resistance, the secret truth of his pretences - not only to himself but also to others. And thereby refine his personality and skills, to become better.

The purpose of the school education is to develop, to the fullest, the intellectual, moral, cultural, aesthetic, and physical faculties of every student and to cultivate in each the desire for personal excellence and involvement in the betterment of the nation. There is a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge, skill and attaining the highest academic standards.


• To educate the less privileged children especially Pardhi children
• To achieve all-round development of the community through value education
• To impart training in sports and games with aim to develop international players
• To produce skilled orators for public speaking and educating masses
• To spread literacy within the community
• To preserve India’s cultural heritage
• To develop ideal citizens
• To impart spiritual and scientific education
• To make available the literature of saints and social revolutionaries
• To develop children who are courageous, moral, constructive and advanced
• To enable physical, socio-cultural, mental, emotional development of Pardhi children
• To develop knowledge and concern for human rights and democratic values
• To develop a questioning mind and foster a spirit of adventure


• The school is only for Pardhi community.
• Trained and devoted teachers
• Expert coaches
• Training in arts, music, dance, handicraft
• Computer training
• library and resources
• Modern gym, Yoga, Pranayam coaching
• Meditation training centre
• Spacious campus
• Weekly tree-plantation
• Health and medical check-up centre
• Solar water heaters and water purifiers
• Sports and games facilities
• Residential facility
• National and religious festivities
• Annual Day, Sports Meet, Art Exhibition
• Annual magazine, monthly newsletters

2. Bhatkyanchi Shala:

Ajit Foundation established in 2006 runs comprehensive day care centres for children of migrant construction workers, providing education, nutrition and healthcare services. The centers operate at construction & sugar factories sites Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 04:00 pm catering to the holistic development of these children aged birth to sixteen years of age.

The proposed project, an ' Bhatkyanchi Shala' , vision is for Migrant children to have a nurturing and happy childhood and our mission is to promote 'child-friendly sites'; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood.

3. Setu Shala

This program is for the children between the ages of 6-14. The program gives support to the children to educate them by financially supporting them. It mainly concentrates children who are vulnerable to drop out and continuous follow-up is made to see that they complete their high school studies. Coaching classes were conducted for the children. Who are in the age group of 9-16 to facilitate them in successful completion of their education.

4. Sevalaya

Sevalaya children’s home - is a programme directed to the housing, education and socio-economic development of children of HIV/AIDS parents, mostly orphans from the nearby hamlets and red-light areas of Barshi City, Solapur district, Maharashtra State. This project which was initiated 2 years ago, with 10 orphan children from the area, now caters for 25 children (Mostly children from the age group of 4 - 17).

The organization run some project like free school Education, Bhatkyanchi Shala,Setu Shala, Akshar Initiative and Child home etc. we need donations. So support the cause and be a part of this noble work.

You can help AF by:

  • Being a Sponsor
  • Donating a fixed amount for arranging prizes for various competitions or achievements
  • Spending some of your precious time with the children. We would love to have experts from various fields to spend some of their precious time with these children. We especially urge counsellors, doctors, teachers, health instructors, educationists and artists to come forward and be a part of these children's lives.
  • For most of us a festival means time for joy, time to spend with family. Unfortunately, for CSWs this is a peak ‘business’ time, and they ignore their children completely. Attendance at the school is highest during festivals because mothers don’t want to have the kids at home. We need volunteers during these times to take the kids out. Don’t you think the kids should enjoy the festivals too?
  • English and Maths are two subjects where we need extra help in teaching. Also, the kids live in bad neighbourhoods and use foul language without knowing it. They also suffer from lack of expression. Volunteers who can spend some time to help us address these issues are most welcome!
  • Be a surrogate father/mother to a child. The children love it a lot if someone comes to meet them. They feel special and look forward to it.

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