Non formal school for Migrant children

The community with Ajit Foundation works is the migrated community. M P Shields and G M Sheilds 1993 in the World Migration Report 2008 states that family migration is neglected by the academicians and policy makers. Migration has severe consequences such as forgoing all benefits arising from social networks created by long years of association with the society in which the family had been living. The migrants with whom we work are mainly migrated from the Banjara, Marwadi communities. The main occupation of the community is to make sculptures/ Statues of God/ Goddesses. The entire family is involved in making of these sculptures. After making it the adults in the family wander in the surrounding villages to sell these statues made of Plaster of Paris and other similar materials. When parents are away selling these statues, the older children look after the household chores and their younger siblings. Migration may take considerable time for a migrant family to get assimilated into the new village/urban society into which it moves. The migrant families, especially long-distance migrant families, live in constant fear of insecurity of life. Moreover, it may be hard for a migrant family to claim equal access to common property resources and infrastructural facilities created by the local administration in the new location. This could also be one of the reasons why the children from these migrated families do not attend school. Children of a migrant family are likely to face problems in the process of socialization. These problems/risks are probably known to the heads of families and hence they are not very motivated to send their children in the local schools.

For years, the children of these communities have been deprived of education. Especially the girl child, just could not enter into the mainstream of educational system of the state. As a result most of them grow up as uneducated, unskilled, and unemployable, forced to be daily wage earners, farm workers and sometimes bonded labourers. Most of the child workers in and around the small and big cities in the region belong to this community. Moreover, lack of education has been the main cause of backwardness of these communities. One can see children wandering in the villages on any working day. The availability of the schools is not a constraint; constraint is the lack of motivation. To this effect a present Ajit Foundation is involved in creating awareness in the intervention areas on effects of the migration on the education and health. They are also informed about the need to keep back their children to continue their schooling and the various govt. schemes for the education development of their children.

The search for alternative development patterns to the mainstream of development trends has impelled individuals and groups in many parts of the world to launch experiments at micro-levels. This project when began in 2011 with the support of Volunteers from Ajit Foundation was such an experiment aimed at the educational development of children of Sculptor from Latur Road,Barshi, Pardhi vasti-Lakshyachi Wadi Pardhi vasti-Gadegaon villages of Barshi block of Solapur District Maharashtra through a series of innovative and effective activities/programmes. Ever since the beginning of the education project from last two years, we have started focusing on the youth in the area and start vocational courses for the Youth , who can be financial support for the family members and the children can complete their schooling.

Specific objectives:

Educational mainstreaming of socially excluded children of dalit/tribal landless farm labourers community from five villages of Solapur District
  • Admitting/re-admitting (dropped outs) 200 students (within a period of three years) to village schools/ashram shalas/hostels.
  • Conducting recreational classes (once in a week) in every Village to inculcate a taste for education amongst the children.
  • Formation of a community Education Development Committee in every Village to ensure participation of community and sustain the efforts of the organization for a long term.

Ajit Foundation established in 2006 runs comprehensive day care centres for children of migrant construction workers, providing education, nutrition and healthcare services. The centres operate at construction & sugar factories sites Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 04:00 pm catering to the holistic development of these children aged birth to sixteen years of age. The proposed project, an ' Bhatkyanchi Shala', vision is for Migrant children to have a nurturing and happy childhood and our mission is to promote 'child-friendly sites'; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood. We plan to meet the Z.P school Headmasters, Village Education Committee members and the panchayat members in all 5 villages to educate them about this community. Buoyed by the positive outcome of this pilot project and the urgent need to reach out to hundreds of such deprived children we propose to expand the scope of the present project in the coming three years.

Ajit Foundation run some project like free school Education, Bhatkyanchi Shala,Setu Shala, Akshar Initiative etc. we need donations. So support the cause and be a part of this noble work.

You can help AF by:

  • Being a Sponsor
  • Donating a fixed amount for arranging prizes for various competitions or achievements
  • Spending some of your precious time with the children. We would love to have experts from various fields to spend some of their precious time with these children. We especially urge counselors, doctors, teachers, health instructors, educationists and artists to come forward and be a part of these children's lives.
  • For most of us a festival means time for joy, time to spend with family. Unfortunately, for CSWs this is a peak ‘business’ time, and they ignore their children completely. Attendance at the school is highest during festivals because mothers don’t want to have the kids at home. We need volunteers during these times to take the kids out. Don’t you think the kids should enjoy the festivals too?
  • English and Maths are two subjects where we need extra help in teaching. Also, the kids live in bad neighbourhoods and use foul language without knowing it. They also suffer from lack of expression. Volunteers who can spend some time to help us address these issues are most welcome!
  • Be a surrogate father/mother to a child. The children love it a lot if someone comes to meet them. They feel special and look forward to it.

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