Other Programs

1. Livelihoods:-

The organization focuses on livelihood diversification for enhancing livelihood security through skill development, training and strengthening self-Help Groups to access sources of finance and avenues for marketing.
• Skill Development and Training
• Promotion of self-Help Groups.

2. Consumer Rights Awareness Program:

Awareness on consumer rights is another activity which found very effective in making people aware in the target area. Volunteers and Community workers of Ajit Foundation organized consumer awareness campaign through various methods like through workshops, hand pamphlets and dissemination of consumer related rules and regulations citing the rights and duties of the consumer as whole. These camps were organized in Barshi for SHG member & others. This was aimed to have concentration while purchasing any items in market. During these camps people were explained the following aspects.
• Importance of bill on purchases.
• Purchases particularly medicine, agriculture items like fertilizers, pesticides etc. by verifying the date of manufacture, date of expiry, price and the brand.
• Choosing of guanine shops.
• How to address it there are any issues, problems raised due to purchasing. It was observed that people had understood the concept hut it may be practiced in a slow manner as there are many implications particularly with agriculture items.

3. Human Rights Awareness:

Human rights awareness program was conducted in villages of Barshi Block. In this program, we provided the art of living and also explained the importance of society to everyone. So the everyone’s Natural Rights have to protect in the community.

4. Importance of the subject:

Four camps have been conducted in 4 Gram, Panchayaths covering 180 members. In these camps legal aspects related to livelihood, day to day life situations, entitlements, resources available through various governments programs etc. Along with Domestic Violence Act, Right to Information Act, Nation Rural Employment Guarantee Act, were explained. The services of local lawyers & social workers have been utilizes in this regard.

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