Rural Development Program

1. Natural Resource Management and Food Security:

Water, Land and forests are the most important natural resources for the people living in rural areas. Intensive work is carried out by the organization in enhancing food security and improving environmental resistance to drought through effective water, land and forest management practices. Communities recognize the fact that sustainability of natural resources will also determine food security and sustainable livelihoods for themselves.

The organization supports village’s communities in undertaking sustainable management of natural resources through a variety of intervention in promoting community forestry and horticulture, land and water conservation and development.
The organization encourages to rural people to enhance their income sources through alternative livelihoods like horticulture, fish farming and livestock development.
The organization facilitates rural communities in sustainable natural resource management through community forestry, horticulture, land development and water conservation through the medium or SHGs and small community business.

2. Horticulture & Soil Conservation Program:

The organization conducted awareness program on Horticulture Crops Farming and soil Conservation at 12 different villages in the districts of Solapur. The general public was given special emphasis on the importance of soil treatment and plantation of high yielding crops in scientific way for better production and more income for the their development.

3. Vegetables & Horticulture Development Program:

The organization has started a vegetable crops development and food processing training centre during the reporting period of 2010-2011. Training farmers to grows cash crops & vegetables like cabbages, cauliflorws, beans, onions, potato, brinjal etc. by using farm manure and bio fertilizers and high yielding crops. The products so produced were sold out to the local market and some of the income from the vegetables development centre has been utilized for the development and social welfare program undertaken by the organization.

4. Framers Training Camps:

We provide knowledge to fight against drought situations in rural part of India by organizing farmer training camps. We also provide encouragement to rural farmer and acknowledge them how to be self reliant in future crisis.

Awareness Program on Bio-mass / Solar Energy:

The Organization has organized workshop on the biomass and solar energy in more than 15 villages. Subject Experts delivered lectures on the use of solar energy to gain maximum benefit to the people of rural areas and village farmers. The Organization gave emphasis to the people of rural village people to get benefits from this use. The organization has supported the people the means and ways to approach the authorities concerned and acquire the equipments and machineries in the subsidized rates.

1. Safe Drinking water, Health & Sanitation Program:

Ajit Foundation organized an awareness campaign on Safe Drinking water, Health & Sanitation in collaboration with the health officials of Solapur District and provided free medical checkup and treatment facilities to the women and children of the surrounding villages on every 4 months. More than 600 women and children have been given medical facilities during this year under the program, besides supply of alum/ bleaching powder etc, for providing safe potable water.

2. Water and sanitation Awareness:

We organize water & sanitation awareness program to explain the protection of safe drinking water through water conservation in the rainy season and also the need of protecting the water bodies near by the villages etc.

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