Setu Shala for drop out children

Ajit Foundationdecided to focus its attention on the Right of Education. Many surveys were conducted in the area where the quality of life was not at all conducive to child development. The outcome was shocking and sad. There were children who had never been to school, children who were forced to drop out of the education system and a consequent emergence of child labor. The organization has started with formal and non-formal school with Maharashtra Government School in Barshi i.e. 4th to 10th. Taking into consideration special needs of these children, Ajit Foundationis implementing alternative educational methods. This program is mainly for the dropouts. These children are unable to complete their education due to family responsibilities. Children are provided with expert assistance and also monetary assistance whenever required.

The program gives support to the children to educate them by financially supporting them. It mainly concentrates children who are vulnerable to drop out and continuous follow-up is made to see that they complete their high school studies. Coaching classes were conducted for the children. Who are in the age group of 10-16 to facilitate them in successful completion of their Education.

The organizationalso assists those children for their education. Non formal Education scheme welcomes the children who have dropped outfrom school. This program is Setu Shala.

Another dimension of this problem touches the menace of child labor. Taking into consideration the serious consequences on the lives of these children, the organizationstarted a residential school for less privileged children in collaboration with Smile Foundation and Late. Subhas Onkardas Agarwal Charutable trust, Barshi. At present we have 40 students with us. We provide food, clothing and shelter and quality education with free of cost. The organizationrun some project like free school Education, Bhatkyanchi Shala,Setu Shala, Akshar Initiative etc. we need donations. So support the cause and be a part of this noble work.

You can help AF by:

  • Being a Sponsor
  • Donating a fixed amount for arranging prizes for various competitions or achievements
  • Spending some of your precious time with the children. We would love to have experts from various fields to spend some of their precious time with these children. We especially urge counsellors, doctors, teachers, health instructors, educationists and artists to come forward and be a part of these children's lives.
  • For most of us a festival means time for joy, time to spend with family. Unfortunately, for CSWs this is a peak ‘business’ time, and they ignore their children completely. Attendance at the school is highest during festivals because mothers don’t want to have the kids at home. We need volunteers during these times to take the kids out. Don’t you think the kids should enjoy the festivals too?
  • English and Maths are two subjects where we need extra help in teaching. Also, the kids live in bad neighbourhoods and use foul language without knowing it. They also suffer from lack of expression. Volunteers who can spend some time to help us address these issues are most welcome!
  • Be a surrogate father/mother to a child. The children love it a lot if someone comes to meet them. They feel special and look forward to it.

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