Empowerment for underprivileged & Youth

1. Women Rights & Child Labour Awareness Program:

As part of its advocacy program, the organization works to make people aware about the rights of Women and Child laborers. These activities are being organized in Solapur District. Punch line behind this campaign is that every women has the rights to live with dignity and every child has the rights to (be in School) education.

2. Empowerment of Children/Persons with Disability -

The organization provides all information about disability and it’s solution to children/persons who live in tribal area. We also provide information related to services provided by Government, help them issuing their disability certificate, Bus/Railway pass and pension. We distribute aids and appliances (like wheel chairs & walking aids, hearing and vision aids, tri-cycles communication aids, study material, clothes etc.) through Health Camps.

Minority Empowerment

Constitution of India has bestowed the fundamental rights to its people to live with peace and harmony keeping in view the secularism of the country. Since the inception of Indian Constitution “Unity in diversity” has been the mantra in Indian context of secularism. But, a large number of communities, so called “Minority groups” are still ignored and being isolated in major affairs of national issues and in some cases forced behind in getting similar opportunities to live as citizen. The organization has initiated a program for the empowerment of this minority community in Solapur and Pune districts.

Youth Empowerment

It is said that Youth is future of country. So the organization focuses on youth education, leadership and advocacy to facilitate greater understanding among teenagers and young adults about ongoing issues and concerns of their area. We provide to youth vocational and technical education to opt alternative sustainable livelihood options and help them by supporting small grants to make their life bright.


The organization has established drug de-addiction counselingcenters to discourage drinking as it affects physically, mentally, socially and finally, the important aspect is the economic cost to a poor tribal, who drinks putting a family and kids in risk. We organize health awareness campaigns related to drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. We are also organized medical camps and health mela and addicted people served medication free of cost under this drug de-addiction program.

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