Woman Empowerment

Ajit Foundation aims to better the situation of women in India through making practical and tangible change on a grassroots level. The organization follows a bottom-up approach in empowering women and encouraging their participation as stakeholders and owners in processes of change.

Aim of program:

Filling the Gender Gap is aimed at enabling the women through multipronged intervention towards enhancing women’s educational status and their capacity, opportunity for effective participation in economic activities and political decision-making.

1) Women Empowerment:

Women Empowerment is an important target group of Ajit Foundation and development assistance is provided both through Credit and Micro-Enterprise Development Program and education. Awareness of women’s right is regarded as being extremely important if women are to be able to influence political processes and their own development. The organization has focused on this area and initiated processes for analysis and the sharing of experience with other institutions and organizations working in this field.
• Political Empowerment
• Economic Empowerment
• Socio-legal Empowerment

2) Education and Awareness for Women:

The organization’s volunteers and staff members are used basically community centers youth clubs, villages libraries and resource Centers to carry forward adult education and awareness program to give women enormous scope to have facilities to access information, resources and services.

• Capacity Building Program:

Apart from various welfare & developmental activities, organization is involved in enhancing capacities of the beneficiaries and encouraging their participation in the development of the society as well the organization believes in working with the people not for the people. The organization works to bring a positive change in the lives of downtrodden people of the society through building their capacities and making them realize their potentialities.

Not only with beneficiaries, the organization has been building capacities of its staff members, volunteers and various associates also. We conduct training program from time to time to refresh ourselves and also to learn new developments in the related fields.

As mentioned above capacity building activities are being organized at two levels: one at the field level for beneficiaries and another at the office level for the volunteers, staffs and associates.

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